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Applying a fresh coat of paint can bring a remarkable transformation to your property. Selecting the appropriate colors for both interior and exterior surfaces is crucial, as they can significantly alter the overall aesthetics, size, and ambiance you aim to create. Should you encounter any challenges in your color selection process, our team at Victoria Service Painting is here to provide guidance and address any questions you may have.


We are dedicated to prioritizing our clients’ needs and consistently strive to surpass them, regardless of how unique they may be. Whether your project is grand or small, we uphold the value of versatility. From interior and exterior painting to decking, guttering, driveway painting, door painting, fence painting, and even kitchen cupboard painting, including feature walls – we cover it all.

At Victoria Service Painting, our commitment goes beyond just painting. We take pride in leaving your home meticulously clean and tidy. You can rest assured that no residual mess or paint stains will be left behind on your furniture. We take every precaution to protect your belongings before starting the painting process and maintain full insurance coverage for your peace of mind.


While commercial projects can indeed be substantial, rest assured that no job is too large for us. Your business or development will receive the same level of care and meticulous attention to detail that we devote to all our projects. We employ premium-quality paint, applying it with precision to ensure that your walls maintain a fresh appearance for decades to come. Our team will leverage our expertise and provide guidance to help you select the ideal paint for your specific situation.


The timber decking can cope afair amount of weather over the years, often with rot or an abrasive sandblast. No worries, we can bring it back to life and looking new in no time. The full restoration process loading to the final layer of paint is on us.

Roof Painting & Repair

Look behind every good paint job in Victoria and you’ll find excellent drywall preparation. While many people think that painting is all about just rolling and brushing a new coat on, the experts at Victoria Service Painting understand that drywall and plasterwork is the veritable lynchpin for all quality painting execution.
Try painting on damaged drywall and you’ll quickly see why our Victoria plaster services are in demand. Even the highest quality paints will crack and peel, thus costing you more money in materials without delivering the kind of look you want. Our specialist will fill holes, cover stress fractures, and make sure your ceiling is in the right state to receive new paint.
When needed, we can also perform larger drywall and plaster services. New installations and repairing water damage are a common request as well as crown molding and texture additions or removals. Whatever the specific case for your home or business, our drywall and plaster technicians will be able to get the job done.
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Victoria Service Painting extends its expertise to encompass commercial painting services tailored for offices, restaurants, retail establishments, and hospitality venues across Melbourne, Victoria. Our team of professionals is well-prepared to manage a diverse range of projects, spanning from fresh installations to intricate high-end applications and specialty paint and wall coverings.

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